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Creamy nutty french toast

Creamy Nutty French Toast

“Discover a heavenly breakfast creation with our exquisite Creamy Nutty French Toast. Indulge in the sumptuous creaminess of this delightful morning treat, where slices of golden-brown French toast are lovingly topped with luscious avocado, ripe banana, and a drizzle of golden honey. Elevate your breakfast experience with this fusion of flavors and textures, perfect for both indulgent mornings and special occasions.”

  • Serves: 2 People
  • Prep Time: 5min
  • Cooking: 8-10min
  • Difficulties: supereasy
Adjust Servings
For Cooking
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 4-6slices bread
  • Butter or ghee for frying
  • Maple syrup or any other syrup for garnish
  • 1/2 tsp 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
For Dressing
  • Honey (to taste)
  • 1 ripe avocado, sliced
  • 1 strawberry, sliced
  • Nuts (such as chopped almonds, walnuts,
  • Table cream( to taste )
  • Icing sugar (to taste)
Nutritional Information
  • Calories
    400-450 kcal
  • Protein
  • Sugars
  • Fat
  • Fiber
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Rich in Vitamin A, C, K, and potassium
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    Begin by creating the egg mixture. In a mixing bowl, combine eggs, milk, vanilla extract (optional), and a dash of cinnamon powder. Whisk the mixture until it’s well combined.

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    Dip each slice of bread briefly into the egg mixture, ensuring it is coated but not soaked. Remove any excess liquid.

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    Heat a pan and add a knob of butter or ghee to it. Let it melt and heat up

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    Cook the bread slices in the pan until they turn a beautiful golden brown on both sides, creating a crispy outer layer.

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    Place the French toast slices on a plate, ready to be adorned with delicious toppings

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    Spread a layer of table cream on each slice, providing a luxurious creaminess that complements the other textures.

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    Sprinkle a generous amount of chopped nuts and icing sugar on top of the cream. The nuts add a delightful crunch, and the icing sugar offers a hint of sweetness.

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    To elevate the flavors and aesthetics further, garnish the French toast with slices of ripe avocado and banana. These fresh, natural ingredients not only add a burst of color but also a delightful contrast to the creaminess.

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    To complete this masterpiece, drizzle honey over the French toast and fruit slices, allowing the golden nectar to seep into every layer of this dish. You can also add maple syrup or your preferred syrup for an extra dose of sweetness.

  1. Precautions:

    • Ensure that the eggs are fresh and properly cooked to avoid any food safety concerns.
    • Handle nuts carefully, especially if anyone consuming the dish has nut allergies.
    • When using ghee or butter for frying, be cautious not to overheat it as it can burn and affect the taste.
  2. Tips:

    • Use thick slices of bread for better absorption of the egg mixture.
    • If you prefer a sweeter toast, you can add a bit of sugar to the egg mixture.
  • Allow the French toast to cook on medium heat to ensure it’s cooked through without burning.


    • This “Creamy nutty French Toast ” is the perfect representation of a breakfast that is both decadent and healthy. The creaminess, crunch, and sweetness in each bite will undoubtedly make your morning brighter. Whether you savor it as a treat for yourself or serve it to impress your family and friends, this recipe is sure to become a beloved breakfast classic. Enjoy the exquisite combination of flavors and textures, and start your day on a delightful note!
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